Recreation Facility Management Software: What's Missing?

Image of a recreation facility that is well maintained by recreation facility management software

It's no secret most recreation facilities have a lot going on. After all, the more the facility gets used, the more revenue it generates. And, of course, the more programming, the more planning is required for everything to run smoothly.

Luckily, recreation management software makes it easier to organize everything that's going on in the facility and track data for more efficient programming in the future. 


How Recreation Management Software Works

Recreation facility management software allows teams to effectively plan, schedule, implement, and evaluate how their facility or multiple facilities get used. 

Let's look at an example:

You just hired a yoga instructor to teach some new classes. Your management software has stored data about similar groups conducted in the past. You quickly know the most popular days and times for these types of classes. 

Viewing your current schedule in a clear, easy-to-read format, you see some openings that may be perfect for the senior yoga, mom & toddler yoga, and beginning yoga classes. You schedule the day, time, and room these classes will take place. After a few minutes, you created a class description, min/max settings, and found the best price to set for registration.

Oh, and you did it all from your mobile device.

Next time registration opens up, the community can easily see, register, and set up a reminder for the class. 

And you check how many people signed up and get alerted when the class is full.

That's recreation management software in action.

This type of software solution does wonders for making program planning and event coordination easier. But most recreation management software neglects the planning of one key element…


What is Your Recreation Facility Management Software Missing?

Recreation management software handles the scheduling of areas, staff, and maybe even volunteers. People in the community can register online. There are even ways to make some great-looking reports for the next board meeting.   

But is the software neglecting a crucial aspect of your recreation facilities?

Successful recreation programming relies on maintained facilities ready for whatever's happening that day

A maintenance team that is aware of the facility's ever-changing needs ensures the visitors' safe, enjoyable, and expected programming. Their behind-the-scenes work often goes unnoticed unless something is wrong or missed.

And a lot is going on behind the scenes. Regular inspections need to be completed. The building's systems require maintenance to run effectively and efficiently. Then there's completing work orders, inventory management, and reporting everything that gets done…The list goes on.

It's no wonder more parks and recreation departments are turning to maintenance management software to ensure their parks and facilities get the attention and care they need.


Maintenance Management Software Benefits for Parks & Recreation Agencies 

Scheduling the maintenance crew's tasks to work with and around programming takes organization and communication. 

Maintenance management helps with…

Seeing the Big Picture: Never be left guessing. An easy-to-use dashboard provides all the information you need whenever you need it. See schedules and tasks. Get immediately notified if there's an issue or emergency work order. 

Communicating It Effectively: A post-it note on the maintenance manager's door may not get seen on time--or get missed entirely. A notification to the phone of the maintenance manager and on-duty staff gets noticed.

Getting Data to Make Improvements: Those file cabinets take up space--and one of them has a door that doesn't open all the way. Data stored in the cloud is easy to access. The software can automatically generate reports about asset costs, labor hours, inventory, inspections, and much more. 

 As a Result, Your Agency and the Public Benefits By:

  • A safer, more secure, and comfortable facility
  • Areas consistently ready for scheduled programming
  • Less interference between maintenance staff and programming staff
  • Fewer instances of a facility's systems outages or breakdowns 
  • Emergency work orders or inspection deficiencies get addressed quicker
  • Ensuring supplies and equipment are available when they are needed

The most up-to-date maintenance management software--sometimes known as a CMMS-- provides these benefits (and more!) from any web-enabled device. Managers don't have to rush to their office or pull out their laptops to schedule tasks or communicate with the team. It all could happen from a smartphone. 

Facilities that run well make the whole agency look more professional.  

Maintenance Management Software Infographic


More Productive Parks and Facility Management

Productive Parks is a cloud-based maintenance management software solution designed for parks and recreation agencies by parks and recreation professionals. The team that created Productive Parks has experience working in positions essential for better parks and facility operation--from technician to executive-level roles.

This deep understanding of the unique needs of parks and recreation agencies makes Productive Parks the perfect solution for reaching your maintenance goals. Think about it, a CMMS meant for a warehouse or factory isn't made for your type of agency. 

Sure, you have facilities that need to be maintained. But there are also the sports fields, parks, trails, gyms, water parks, playgrounds, and more that require regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Do you think a CMMS meant for a factory will effectively address all these assets?

A good one…maybe, but probably not the way you want it to.


Productive Parks Gets It

Someone helping you customize your maintenance management software that intimately knows your industry helps save time, headaches, and miscommunications. They understand how your agency operates. 

You don't have to explain to customer support that your sports complex doesn't have an industrial-sized centrifuge that needs automated predictive maintenance. The Productive Parks team will know what you're talking about when you mention a splash pad that needs water removed from the lines and chemical levels checked.

Productive Parks is maintenance management software FOR parks and recreation agencies.