Use our ready made reports or create custom reports to get the data you need

The more you use Productive Parks, the more valuable the data will be for your budgeting and strategic planning. No sifting through file cabinets or spreadsheets is required.

  • Track asset total costs and replacement schedules for budget planning.
  • Monitor work hours and costs for projects, seasons, or job types.
  • Review staff utilization and productivity.
  • Report on assets to assist on long-term strategic plans.

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Task and Labor Tracking for Park Districts
Use Data to Understand Your Agency’s Needs

Use Data to Understand Your Agency’s Needs

Stop making your decisions by estimating or guesstimating. When you have data backing your decisions, you are more confident about your agency’s future needs and plans.

Easy Access to Work History and Future Needs

By leveraging Productive Parks monthly asset and replacement schedule reporting you can look into the future and see what assets are coming up for replacement and what those replacements will cost. We'll calculate replacement costs based on the current inflation costs.

Scheduled Tasks for Parks and Recreation
Be Prepared for Any Meeting

Be Prepared for Any Meeting

Our reporting system lets you see the data in several formats, including grouping data by assets and task types. Specialized reports allow you to view replacement schedules, task standards, and more.

Reports can be printed and downloaded in .xls and .pdf format for easy reference at your next board meeting or planning session.

Use Past Data to Plan for the Future

Historical maintenance data can help you create more accurate budgets and maintenance plans. Use backing data to leverage your long-term strategic plans and objectives.

Task and Labor Reporting for Park Districts

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