Task & Labor Tracking for Parks and Recreation

Manage all your parks and recreation maintenance from a single, centralized location.

Productive Parks makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations so you can focus on big-picture planning.

  • Easily view, manage, and track the entire team’s workflow.
  • Schedule tasks for routine inspections, preventative maintenance, and more.
  • Versatile system adapts to how your team works—set up crews, routes, procedures, bucket tasks, and more.

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Task and Labor Tracking for Park Districts
Task and Labor Tracking for Park District

How Parks Maintenance Software Improves Efficiency

When teams are on the same page and information can be communicated clearly and efficiently, the entire culture of an agency starts to shift.

Productive Parks task and labor tracking allows you to see what your team is doing and what needs to be done.

Be on the Same Page… Everyday

Have a convenient, consistent place where staff can conduct inspections, report issues, and record their daily work. Each morning, staff can see their tasks for the day and can complete work in the field with just a few clicks.

Scheduled Tasks for Parks and Recreation
Annual Maintenance Plan Parks and Recreation

Develop a Better Maintenance Plan

Use the task and labor tracking features to plan your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance needs. Develop routes, procedures, and preventative maintenance schedules that will help improve the efficiency of your team.

Use Data for Easier Decision-Making

Data collected from task and labor tracking helps you confidently determine budgets, asset replacement schedules, and future labor needs.

Task and Labor Tracking for Park District

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