Work Orders for Parks and Recreation

Manage All Your Parks & Recreation Work Requests in One Place.

Productive Parks makes it easy to manage work requests to save time and miscommunications.

  • Easy and simple to use work request form.
  • Get instant alerts when a work request comes in and automatically assign it to the right team member.
  • Access all work requests and related tasks from a dedicated dashboard.

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Work Orders for Park Districts
Task and Labor Tracking for Park District

How Parks Maintenance Software Streamlines Work Orders

Having a centralized location where all staff can request work cuts down on unnecessary emails, texts, phone calls, and sticky notes, saving time and confusion.

Easily Request Work

Staff can submit and monitor work request via a simple form. You can assign work requests manually or automatically assign work orders based upon an asset or location. Staff can check the status of their work requests at any time and are notified when the work order has been completed.

Work Orders for Parks and Recreation
Annual Maintenance Plan Parks and Recreation

Automatic Work Orders from Inspections

Work requests are completely integrated into the task and labor tracking. Never miss assigning work from a failed inspection. When a problem is found during an inspection, a work order is automatically created and a supervisor is notified.

Use Data for Easier Decision-Making

Leverage Work Request Data for More Efficient Operations.

Use historical work request records to see what areas may need extra attention, additional preventative maintenance, or maintenance plan modifications.

Task and Labor Tracking for Park District

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