Benefits of Electronic Work Order Systems

Benefits of Electronic Work Order Systems

Electronic work order systems provide ways to stay organized and coordinate efforts, regardless of the number of staff members involved or the specific type of recreational location being maintained. Below are some reasons to use such systems.

You Can Create Work Orders from Any Location

The ability to work remotely is a major benefit of electronic work order systems. You can easily create work orders for your staff from home or from any location with online access. As a Parks and Recreation worker, that feature is also handy because you may find yourself frequently working alone in an isolated area. By simply using a cellphone or other internet-ready device, you can create a work order addressing any issue you discover while in the field without first returning to a designated office.

Electronic Work Orders Are Easy to Adjust

As you are probably aware, a work order is not set in stone once created. You may need to change the way in which you attend to issues that crop up or reschedule certain repairs. It is also possible you may forget to include necessary information when creating your initial work order. Historically, such issues would have meant typing up and printing new orders. However, technology now allows you to change a work order online in a few moments with no wasted paper or ink.

Work Orders Can Include More Information Easily

Another historical problem was including additional information or paperwork with a work order. For example, if you had a tree you felt was a hazard to the public, you might take a photograph of it and create a work order to schedule its removal. Both of those items might then be filed, but they could easily become separated. Today, using an electronic work order system lets you avoid that problem. You can easily attach digital copies of each of the following to your work order:

  • Photographs
  • Receipts
  • Invoice information
  • Any other documentation or information relevant to the work order in question

Progress on Any Work Order is Easy for Multiple Staff Members to Track

When you create an electronic work order, you can track its progress from anywhere whenever you wish. You can also allow each of your staff members to access that information from their locations. Therefore, everyone can stay informed of the progress on all work orders with which they have any personal involvement. In the past, a staff member reading a paper work order might not realize another staff member had already addressed an issue. Having electronic records that can instantly be updated eliminates those problems and reduces the potential for wasted time.

Electronic Work Order Systems Make Spacial and Environmental Sense

One of the biggest reasons to use an electronic work order system in the Parks and Rec field is to be environmentally friendly. In years past, it took a lot of paper to keep records. Therefore, many trees had to be cut down. Electronic storage eliminates that problem entirely.

Another former problem with record keeping was the need for physical storage space. Spacial concerns are no longer an issue when records are stored electronically. There is no need for filing cabinets or stacks of paperwork. In fact, there is not even a need for a designated office area.

Information is Stored Permanently in an Organized, Predictable Way

When Parks and Recreations staff members create work orders, it is important to keep that information handy and accessible for as long as possible. Not only can those records indicate when certain repairs or tasks need to be performed again, but they are important for legal reasons. They can also be shared with risk management agencies and other Parks and Recreation agencies, as needed. Previously, paper record keeping made it easy for forms to be misplaced, damaged, or destroyed when swapped between agencies or locations. When you let us use our electronic work order system to help you create, edit and store your records online, you will always know exactly where to find the information you need. You can also quickly transmit it to individuals or agencies, as needed.