Productive Parks Features


Productive Parks software has been designed specifically for the Parks and Recreation field.
Our integrated feature set allows for seamless workflow from task creation to completion.

Use Productive Parks to automate your work plan, perform inspections in the field, track your inventory and report on all of it.



Track & Report on Labor Hours by Staff, Asset or Category

Receive and Assign Work Orders from Internal and External Staff

Create, Assign, Schedule and Perform Unlimited Inspections

Track Labor Hours, Expenditures and Inventory

Track, Update and Manage Inventory

Easily create custom reports using our flexible Report Engine



Why Choose Productive Parks?

  • Designed specifically for Parks and Recreation
  • Cloud based software requires no costly server hardware on your site
  • Full featured tasks and labor tracking, work orders, inspections, reporting and more
  • Lightweight & powerful software runs on any internet enabled desktop, tablet or mobile device




Productive Parks Blog

Almost every job has some level of stress. Work-related stress may take its toll on your team and lead to burnout. By recognizing burnout, creating a supportive, communicative work environment, and allowing the team to find more balance in life, you set the stage for a more productive, resilient team.
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You don’t often hear “recreation” and “emergency management” used in the same sentence. It may seem hard to discover a connection between the two things. But when you take a closer look, Parks & Recreation departments can be invaluable resources for the community in the case of a disaster or emergency. A parks department's resources--human and property--can help with emergency management before, during, and after a crisis.
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