Version 2.7 Update

We’re happy to announce the release of Productive Parks version 2.7. This release contains several new features including Checklists, Auto Approved Inspections and enhanced Supervisor/Administrator features”.

New Checklist functionality

Now inspections are even more flexible. In addition to using Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory/Not Applicable and numeric reading line items, you can create line items that are a simple “complete” checkbox. Unchecked items DO NOT create a work order in this case.
You can also now embed a basic task as a line item as well. This is alike a checkbox but also allows you to attribute hours to this line item.

These new line item types will allow you to create full-featured checklists that may combine inspection type line items with checklists and tasks as well as numeric readings. These can be used in any combination on an inspection/checklist.
Of course, standard S/U/NA inspections work as they always have so you don’t need to do anything to your existing inspections.
Scheduled Task Series for multi-assets and crew
Now Scheduled Task Series can be created for multiple assets just like an ordinary task. They can also be created with a crew, including the ability to add a leader to the crew so that the crew members don’t need to add their own hours and completion status.
New Administrator/Supervisor switching functionality
You can now set a user to be able to switch in and out of administrator mode. There is a new setting in each user called “can switch to administrator”. This adds an option to their user menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen that allows them to switch over to administrator mode. Once in administrator mode, that option becomes “Leave Admin” and will take them out of admin mode and back to their normal supervisor role. This is for users who don’t need to see and do everything an admin can on a daily basis but still need the capabilities of an admin from time to time. For example, if someone supervises one department, they may not want to see everything from all other departments all the time and can leave themselves as supervisor and only switch into admin mode when it is required.
Inspections/Checklists Auto-Finalize
Individual Inspection/Checklist templates can now be set to “Auto Finalize”and not require manual approval by a supervisor or administrator if there are no work order generating issues found on the inspection. If an inspection template is set to auto-finalize, a completed inspection with no issues will go automatically into the “approved inspection category” without need for user intervention. This is for things like daily fleet inspections where the manager’s inspection inbox would be otherwise flooded with inspections on a daily basis. Now only inspections that have an issue requiring a work order will be sent to their inspection inbox, the others will auto-finalize and go straight to the “approved inspections” category.
Added Functionality for Supervisors
Supervisors can now create Scheduled Task Series, view and edit assets that they manage, can create and edit their own projects, create their own inspection templates and can edit the accounts of any staff that report to them. Supervisors now have a limited “Setup” menu just like the administrator’s where they can access this functionality.
Excel/CSV Output
The Quick Reports can now be exported as Excel or CSV files. Each report now has an “Export” button to allow this. We will be adding this functionality to the Report Engine in an upcoming version.