Version 2.1.12 update

Version 2.1.12 contains several new features and one bug fix.

  • Specific inspections can now be assigned at the same time as assigning a task to staff. This eliminates a step in the process for staffs.
  • Emails from task assignments will not be sent staff if the assignment is scheduled for a future date. Emails are sent the day assignment are scheduled.
  • The Approve inspections screen now displays an “Approve” button if the inspection has been completed without any issues. The inspection is finalized upon approval.
  • "Acknowledge" is now used only when an unsatisfactory item has not been acted upon.
  • Creation of a new primary task now allows for immediate assignment of a category.
  • Creation of a new user now allows for immediate assignment of a supervisor.
  • Creation of a new asset now allows for immediate assignment of a asset manager.
  • Maintain Primary Task Type screen now displays by task categories.
  • Added "Asset Dashboard" when viewing an Asset, also added the ability to upload files within the Asset Dashboard.
  • The Tasks by Asset report now allow for filtering by date range on one staff or all staff. A future version will allow for filter by asset and/or selecting multiple staff.

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