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News & Updates

The Parks and Recreation Digital Paper Trail

You have probably heard the term “paper trail” many times over the years. It originated back in the “old” days before computers were widely used and everything was tracked on paper. The idea of a paper trail was to use paperwork like breadcrumbs. Each one referenced a previous one. In that way, people could track how all sorts of processes progressed over time.

Today, we more commonly use the term “digital paper trail” to describe this process because most information is stored on computers. Here is a closer look at digital paper trails and their advantages.

The Impact of Social Distancing on Parks and Recreation Maintenance Procedures

As you know, COVID-19 is having a major impact on almost every industry. Here in the Parks and Recreation field, we are of course included in the list of affected industries and the changes required by it. However, we do have some distinct advantages. For example, much of our maintenance work is often performed in the great outdoors. Also, performing Parks and Recreation work does not always require a lot of human interaction, especially during times when the spaces we maintain are closed to the public.